Ball Markers

Yardage Marker

Design showing the front and back nine of your golf course.

Track Marker

Alignment stripe front and custom logo on the reverse.

Supreme Marker

Two sided hard enamel marker with rope-effect border.

Poker Chip

Two sided Poker Chip with metal insert and high quality printed sticker.

Legacy Marker

Small, antique finish marker with no colour fill.

Jewel White

Metal logo on clear or causeway glass. White enamel ring for raised metal text.

Jewel Ring

Raised metal logo on either clear glass or PRG’s unique causeway glass effect.

Jewel Classic

Raised metal logo on clear or causeway colour filled glass.

Duo Yardage Marker

Design showing the front and back nine yardage of your course. Has a magnetic well to hold 24.5mm ball markers.

Dome Marker

Single-sided raised dome surface in hard enamel.

Classic Marker

Hand painted soft enamel marker with two-sided branding.

Classic Düo Marker

Large marker capable of holding a 24.5mm marker in a magnetic well on the reverse.

Chiselled Marker

Forged-look ball marker with chiselled edge and room for single or double logo.

Bling Marker

Crushed crystal effect with raised metal logo, offers a unique take on our standard marker.

Bespoke Marker

Hard enamel ball marker produced in any custom shape.

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