Divot Tools


Sleek composite divot tool featuring antique fork design and customisable PVC handle.

Springer PVC

Composite body with a customised PVC inset, and fast action spring release prongs.

Springer Classic

Composite body with a magnetic well to hold our 24.5mm ball markers, and fast action spring release prongs.


Lightweight, value divot tool with raised metal logo on a sandblast backdrop.

Mini Custom

Conveniently sized, miniature divot tool.


Designed with a pen slot that allows you to draw a straight line on your golf ball. Magnetic well.


Customised divot tool with front and back logo locations.


Ergonmically-shaped divot tool with magnetic well that accepts any of our 24.5mm ball markers.


Fully customisable divot tool in the shape of your logo.


Single prong divot tool with magnet well to hold a 24.5mm ball marker.

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