***SALE!*** 123rd U.S. Open at LACC Studio Chain Stitch Wood Covers


These fully-embroidered wood covers features the highest quality leatherette material on the market today including our premium fur lined interior and showcases the official 123rd U.S. Open at LACC logo in full color embroidery. These covers have an additional unique quality with the USOPEN23 text in a chain stitch embroidery, for added style!


  • Driver cover fits all driver sizes, including 460cc
  • Fairway cover fits all fairway wood sizes and some smaller driver heads
  • Rescue/Hybrid cover fits all rescue sizes and some smaller fairway woods
  • Soft interior lining allows for full protection of your clubs
  • Premium leatherette material prevents dings or scratches
  • Showcasing the 123rd U.S. Open at LACC official logo in full color embroidery as well as the custom chain stitching text, for added style
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